Business Travel Consulting in Ireland

When you've gone as far as you can in getting the best value out of your suppliers, maybe it's time to think differently.

Expert Advice

We provide expert advice on your travel management strategy, optimising your travel programme and implementing improved policies for future trends and developments.

Club Travel Corporate have the largest stockpile of local data in the industry and we use this data to benchmark our clients programmes against the industry and your peer groups to identify gaps in your programme.


As part of our yearly review process, we look at 12 months of your most recent travel expenditure. This allows us to conduct a benchmark examination by comparing the rates you have paid previously against the rates that others in the market are paying. This identifies an immediate starting point with which to begin negotiations with preferred suppliers for the upcoming year.

Hotel Consultancy

Our Hotel Programme Manager will analyse your travel patterns and spends and benchmark your current rates against the market. Based on these findings we will make recommendations to you and work with you to put together a shortlist of properties to whom an RFP would be issued. Club Travel Corporate will collect the results of the RFP and if necessary will negotiate with any properties where we feel better value can be achieved.

Air Consultancy

We will benchmark your current deals against what we know has been offered to the market as well as against our own contracts. We will also benchmark your programme against clients with similar travel profiles to identify any potential new opportunities.

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