Data & Reporting

Our proprietary technology underpins all our products and services and no other technology platform delivers a better or more integrated corporate travel solution.

It enables flexible service delivery, whether the client has local or global needs, together with integration of data from virtually any source.

Our commitment to innovation and continually delivering the best and most up to date reporting standards to our clients can be seen by our recent investment in our proprietary online reporting platform, TripAlytics. TripAlytics was built by our own team of developers specifically to meet the demand and requests of our customers in Ireland. This is a dynamic, flexible and open reporting platform to empower your decision-makers with the information they need. It’s designed for use in the office, boardroom and on the move.

TripAlytics provides flexible interrogation of travel data to identify booking compliance and exception levels, trends and invoicing information. Apart from clear visualisation of data, it has many unique features that provide value to our clients in multiple ways:

  • Pre and Post trip:

    pre and post trip data is stored in the same database, allowing users to see their entire data set in one place

  • Real-time comprehensive data:

    with booking data for all travel components delivered to our central database, you have an immediate and consolidated view of data to support fast decision-making, security tracking, policy management and forecasting

  • Dynamic data collection:

    we collect real time data and use transaction versioning to enrich the data with each new change, meaning that not only will you be able to see the most up to date account of the transaction, but you can then examine the full story of that transaction’s lifecycle

  • Data flexibility and validation:

    there are many ways clients validate their data; with the application of data tables we can accommodate client-specific rules and tables for more customised and comprehensive reporting, such as office locations, supplier deals, client defined geo regions and many more

  • Report Library:

    available to all users is a comprehensive standard report library with pre-formatted reports and transaction downloads, and which will also contain any custom report templates you create

  • Intuitive:

    requires minimal training and can therefore be used by any of your nominated stakeholders

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